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Be active and have fun

At the Bridge there is no shortage of fun and productive activities for students. From the basketball courts, game room, and skate park to tutoring and volunteering there is something for you at The Bridge. We are an inclusive, fun and engaging atmosphere where students can grow in all areas of their life from personal relationships to education. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Basketball Courts

Ballers and future all-stars can find a full size court to dunk on here!

Skate Park

Adrenaline junkies be informed, we have a skate park for you!

Rock Climbing Wall

Its not Mount Everest but it’s pretty close… All equipment is provided!

Coffee Bar

Our state of the art coffee bar will help get the students through the day!



Hungry? Our cafe is filled with an affordable selection of snacks!

Game Room

Air hockey, pool, Xbox, ping pong? Yes, we got it all, well, besides the boredom!

Coffee Bar


We have a state of the art coffee bar at The Bridge where kids can fuel up for the rest of their day or kick back a socialize with their fellow peers.



We have a full high school size basketball gym with 6 different hoops. We know students love to play pickup, horse, and other games so a majority of the gym time is open gym. We also have hoops that can lower down to 8 feet so that students can play mini games and just dunk on. Volunteers are always overseeing the gym to ensure fun and safety for all students.

Climbing wall


The Bridge has auto belay rockwall stations that students can use at any time. The walls vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced. And if that’s not enough, try and beat our records for fastest climb on each wall. The rockwall is only run by trained volunteers, and staff members to ensure safety for students. Harness and optional rock climbing shoes are provided.

game room


You will also find students having fun in the second floor game room! It has Xbox One consoles, air hockey, ping pong, billiards, and much more.

skate Park


The perfect skate park for any level of skater. This skatepark was designed by California Skateparks and offers obstacles for all types of skaters. Helmets are required for anyone skating in the skatepark. If a student does not have a skateboard or helmet we have free rentals.
«Some obstacles in the park include ledges, flatbars, handrails, stair sets, a manual pad, euro gap, quarter pipes, and even mini quarter pipes!»



The perfect place to hang out with friends, watch TV, do homework, and have a great meal. We offer tons of different snacks and meal options for students at extremely affordable prices.


Can anyone use the skatepark ?

All 7-12th grade students that have a release form completed and a helmet are able to use the skatepark! If a student does not have a skateboard or helmet, we even have some to rent. Younger than 7th grade? Come on Saturdays 9-4p for Family Day (accompanied by a guardian).

Do parents have to check students in/out ?

Nope! Students are welcome to come and go as they please, as long as they check in when they arrive, and check out any time they leave.

Who Supervises the students?

We have a dedicated staff and amazing group of volunteers who are always overseeing operations of the rec center. All of our volunteers have had background checks and have received appropriate training to their specific area of serving. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that the bridge is a safe and fun atmosphere where all feel welcomed.

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7th-12th grade students can use The Bridge facility without parent/guardian accompaniment. (Under 7th grade can use the facility on Saturdays during family day with an accompanied guardian) We have staff and screened volunteers to supervise the students and keep this place safe! In order to participate, all students must submit a release form signed by their parent or guardian. Parents, we are a drop off facility, so you’ll have to wait until Saturday to hang out here!


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