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Well, sweet!! We’d love to get connected with you! Few things to know about serving here: Yes, we are a para-church organization, ran by Compass Christian Church as a way to serve the community.  Volunteers are passionate about working with students and nurturing their relationships with Jesus. Opportunities include numerous roles such as checking students in, hanging out and supervising, tutoring, and cashiering, being a life group leader or even cooking! We are flexible with schedules and many shifts are available.

If you would like to volunteer at The Bridge, fill out this form below. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to serve as a volunteer at The Bridge.

Charge Forward

Be The Positive Difference
in Someones Life

If you are passionate about helping others and have a drive for teaching then a position at The Bridge might just be the place for you. 

»  Patient in Teaching

»  Pasionate about God

»  Ready to Have Fun

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What Makes a Great Volunteer

Volunteers at The Bridge are passionate about working with our city’s youth and nurturing their relationships with Jesus Christ. Volunteers serve in numerous capacities such as checking students in and out, hanging out and supervising the kids, tutoring, and cashiering or cooking at the café. We are flexible with schedules and many shifts are available.


Help kids grow and learn in a one-one fun atmosphere.


Build lasting connections and friendships with students and other volunteers.


Build a stunning resume with valuable volunteer experience.

first things first

Be a positive influence and lead a Christ first lifestyle to set an example.

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