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824 W Germann Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286

The Bridge is a free Recreational Center for all 7th-12th graders. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and engaging atmosphere for every single student who walks through the doors. The Bridge has a fun game room, a skate park, rock wall, and a full size basketball court with extra hoops on the side. We have a state of the art coffee bar and a cafe filled with delicious low price food options. This place for students to be who they are, and build friendships with those around the valley. All that is required of students is to have their parent/guardian fill a release form, follow some simple rules, and have fun! You’ll never be bored alone here! Come see for yourself!

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How do I register ?
First step is to have a parent/guardian fill out a release form. You can either complete an online form (link at top of page) or bring in a paper form (link at top of page). After that just come on in and we will register you! At that point a student can even come without a parent.
Hmmmm I'm interested but how much does it cost ?

NONE! The facility is completely free to all students. The only thing that they will need to pay for is items from the cafe and coffee shop and any special events we host.

What is the bridge ?

You may ask why your student asked to be dropped off at “The Bridge” and were concerned who would be hanging out at some “bridge”. Well, though it’s in our name, we have no bridge. Just a non-profit making a “Bridge” into the community, hosting 7-1th grade students. It provides you with a fun, safe place to hang out. The opportunities are endless—we offer a wide range of activities and programs. You have access to our skatepark, gymnasium, rock climbing wall, game room, coffee shop, and a café.

Can anyone use the skatepark ?

All 7-12th grade students that have a release form completed and a helmet are able to use the skatepark! If a student does not have a skateboard or helmet, we even have some to rent. Younger than 7th grade? Come on Saturdays 9-4p for Family Day (accompanied by a guardian).

Do parents have to check students in/out ?

Nope! Students are welcome to come and go as they please, as long as they check in when they arrive, and check out any time they leave.

Who Supervises the students?

We have a dedicated staff and amazing group of volunteers who are always overseeing operations of the rec center. All of our volunteers have had background checks and have received appropriate training to their specific area of serving. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that the bridge is a safe and fun atmosphere where all feel welcomed.

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